Questions and Answers

Quickly find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • Q Do you take on students at high school for internships or work placements?

    At present we are unable to offer work placements to those of you still in high school. However, we are always keen to help the next generation of programmers and developers start on their chosen career path. If you're still at school and wondering about a career in computing then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we'd be delighted to give you some pointers.

    Once you are at university, studying a relevant subject, then we would welcome your application to be accepted on our internship programme.

  • Q Do you offer job positions to work remotely?

    While we prefer people to be based in our offices, we are willing to consider a request for remote working once an employee has completed 6 months service with us, in line with current UK legislation.

  • Q Do you take on interns from respected universities?

    Yes. We work closely with many universities worldwide to bring the best students to work with us. We have working partnerships with the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of the West of Scotland, University of Oxford, Imperial College London and many more!

    If you are interested in joining our team or are looking for an internship, you can view the Internships section of our Careers page for more details. We're very proud of our internship programme which provides a high quality learning and working experience with a mentor always on hand.

  • Q Do you support people coming into the country from outside the UK?

    Codeplay works hard to bring talented developers from across the world to our team. Codeplay is a licensed visa sponsor so, if we make you a job offer and you are required to have a UK visa or work permit, we can support you in your application.

  • Q What is your job application process and how long does it take to find out if I have got the job?

    When you submit your application, our team will take their time to thoroughly review the details you have provided. It is important to tailor your CV to display the skills most relevant to us. If you have any personal programming projects or similar interests, don't forget to list them or provide a zip or links.

    Once we have reviewed your CV, we will contact you to let you know if we would like you to come in for an interview.

  • Q If I have not achieved the grades I wished for at University, can I still apply for a job at Codeplay?

    Having a top grade for your degree is fantastic, but not the only measure of the skills that we're looking for. We consider personal projects that demonstrate your ability to plan, implement and refine your work to be an even better indicator than good grades. Even if you haven't quite achieved the result that you were looking for from your course, don't be disheartened. Show us what you are capable of by sending us your projects!

  • Q What sort of things should I expect in an interview if I am given one?

    If you have been chosen for an interview, listen below are a few small tips that may help you.

    1. Be on time! Try not to be too early or late. 10-15 minutes before is perfect and will give us sufficient time to get you comfortable.
    2. Bring any code samples or things you would like to show us on your computer on a pen drive.
    3. Bring a laptop or ipad if you can demo any software you have created.
    4. Be casually smart, no need for super tight collars but being smart is a win.

  • Q Is there anything I should/can do to prepare for the interview?

    Since the only thing we know about you will most likely be what you tell us on your CV, it is often very beneficial to know your CV inside out. We will go through each part of your CV and ask you to explain various items.

    You can prepare by simply trying to relax. If you already have an interview then we think what you have on your CV/cover-note is ideal for our company. The interview is simply to establish if you will fit in with our company, make sure you are who you say you are and get to know how you figure problems out.

  • Q If I have done any personal projects should/can I send you a link to them?


    If you have created or been involved in any personal programming or development projects, be sure to provide a link in your job application. If you forgot to provide a link when you originally applied, simply send it via our contact form and we will pair it with the original application when we review it.