ComputeSuite™ for Hardware Developers

Delivering a range of standard programming models (OpenCL™, SYCL™, C++17) on a System-on-Chip to unleash the full potential of your hardware.

  • What is ?

    for Hardware Vendors

    ComputeSuite provides an integrated standards-based software environment for all of the cores on a System-on-Chip (SoC), so that chip designers can quickly deliver open standards for their platforms. By delivering a wide range of open standards in a modular, customizable solution, SoC vendors can maximize the performance, minimize the power consumption and support the widest range of software in their product offerings.

    By combining support for the most important open standards in one integrated solution, ComputeSuite reduces time-to-market for SoC vendors. By delivering a range of open standards, from low-level (LLVM and OpenCL) to very high level (C++ 17 Parallel STL) ComputeSuite maximizes the available software ecosystem to lower software development costs and timescales for delivering compelling new features.

  • What does ComputeSuite offer a hardware developer?

    ComputeSuite integrates a number of different components that work in unity to provide a smooth and seamless development experience, harnessing all the computational power of a system-on-chip. This enables software developers to increase performance and lower power consumption across a wide range of different devices in an open, standard way.

    Hardware vendors can support a large and growing ecosystem of software that utilizes open standards by just licensing and porting one core product. ComputeSuite is based on industry-standard components, like LLVM, maximizing its ability to integrate with software from a wide range of sources and protect software investment long-term.

    • ComputeCpp™

      For developing more complex software, ComputeCpp™ provides easy-to-use, powerful, open standard C++ software development. ComputeCpp supports the SYCL™ for OpenCL™ standard from Khronos, delivering open standard C++ across all the cores of a heterogeneous System-on-Chip. This high level of programming supports performance portability for advanced algorithms, like machine learning.

    • ComputeAorta™

      ComputeSuite contains a core runtime, ComputeAorta™, that can be quickly customized to support new processor cores. ComputeAorta delivers a range of low-level open standards, such as OpenCL and Vulkan® for processor cores to enable rapid support of the latest software.

Why use ComputeSuite for Your Processor?

Take control of your hardware using open, future-proof standards.

    • Easy Developer Migration

      Enable developers to migrate their existing OpenCL and SYCL code to your platform, with minimal customization.

    • Improved Battery Life

      By running more efficiently and utilizing available hardware, devices benefit from improved battery life.

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    • Unlocked Hardware Potential

      True hardware potential is unlocked when the maximum performance is delivered for the latest software.

    • Utilize Open Standards

      ComputeSuite provides technology based on open standards, ensuring that you are building on a robust and future-proof architecture.

Built Upon Open Technologies

ComputeSuite is built upon and supports a wide range of open standards.

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    OpenCL is the most widely-adopted industry standard for delivering software acceleration and power efficiency on processor cores, including CPUs, DSPs and FPGAs. ComputeAorta enables OpenCL-based technologies, such as OpenCV, to be quickly and easily ported to be accelerated on your architecture.

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    Vulkan is the modern low-CPU-overhead graphics and compute standard from Khronos. This new API and related technologies such as SPIR-V delivers acceleration across a System-on-Chip in a way that reduces CPU overhead. A future ComputeAorta version will support the compute features of Vulkan.

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    The SYCL standard is a new open standard from Khronos that supports single-source C++ programming, for advanced algorithms and performance-portability. An ecosystem of C++ software components is in development that enables complex algorithms to be accelerated across a range of devices.

  • Register Your Interest in Licensing
    and Customizing ComputeSuite

    ComputeSuite is available for license and customization for new hardware architectures today. Codeplay can either license ComputeSuite as-is for customers to port themselves to new architectures, or can produce a proposal for delivering a complete, open-standards-based solution for your processors.