Codeplay at 2014 LLVM Developers' Meeting

27 October 2014

Codeplay is pleased to announce that its engineers will be attending and presenting at the 2014 LLVM Developers' Meeting being held on October 28th and 29th in San José, US.

Compiler Engineers Fraser Cormack and Pierre-André Saulais will present a talk on Building an LLVM Backend, showcasing how to get started on building an LLVM backend for a new architecture.

Debugger Team Lead, Deepak Mathews Panickal, will be presenting a BoF on Future Directions and Features for LLDB, to openly discuss new features such as supporting simultaneous multiple targets, MI driver, lldb-gdbserver, etc. We will also be working out how LLDB can support heterogeneous systems, like CPUs and GPUs, as well as how it can support more platforms and IDEs. Codeplay has long-term expertise in building compilers and debuggers, especially with esoteric architectures.

We're always delighted to speak with anyone interested in what we're doing, so please come and say hello. If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, please contact us.

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Alistair Low

Senior Principal Software Engineer