Codeplay at SIGGRAPH 2014 and Khronos BOF

06 August 2014

The amazing graphics duo, Ralph Potter and Luke Iwanski of Codeplay, will attend SIGGRAPH 2014 and speak at the Khronos™ BOF.

SIGGRAPH 2014, the 41st International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, will take place 10-14 August in Vancouver, Canada, and the Khronos BOF event will take place on 13 August. Ralph will give a short talk on OpenCL™ SPIR™ and Luke will follow up with a talk about the SYCL™ specification, at this session organised by the Khronos Group:

OpenCL/SPIR and SYCL for Compute on Desktop and Mobile

3-4pm, Marriot Vancouver Pinnacle Downtown, Pinnacle Ballroom

This event is an opportunity to meet designers and implementers of these standards for portable heterogeneous parallel programming. Learn how SYCL and SPIR extend core OpenCL-enabling parallel programming solutions and new innovations in graphics.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, or at any time during SIGGRAPH, please contact us. Alternatively, look out for the Codeplay logo on t-shirts and hoodies, as we love nothing more than to have a chat with anyone and everyone!

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Luke Iwanski

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