Codeplay to Attend Game/AI Conference

06 July 2014

Codeplay is pleased to announce its attendance at the Game/AI Conference 2014 in Vienna, this week. The conference is organised by AIGameDev, a partner of Codeplay in the European collaboration project LPGPU.

Bjoern Knafla and Gordon Brown will be attending the conference and presenting at the Gameplay & AI Technology workshop on Monday 7th July, on current and future technologies for programming GPUs for next-gen hardware. This includes an in-depth tutorial on developing for GPUs using OpenCLâ„¢ and an introduction to the recently announced SYCLâ„¢ standard.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, please contact us, or alternatively look out for the Codeplay logo on t-shirts and hoodies. We look forward to meeting and speaking with you.

SYCL is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc. OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos.

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Gordon Brown

Principal Software Engineer