PhD Interships at Codeplay now available

26 July 2010

Codeplay is now accepting applications for intership placements for PhD students as part of the HiPEAC Industrial Internship Programme.

HiPEAC funds several industrial internships for PhD students in Europe in order to increase industry-academia collaboration. Through the HiPEAC Industrial Internship Programme, PhD students who are doing their PhD's though one of HiPEAC's European institutions can gain insightful and challengng industrial experience.

The closing date for the application is August 31st.

Interested student can apply here.

The internship projects being offered by Codeplay are Porting Parallel STL-style libraries to heterogeneous processors and C++ Accessor Classes for Heterogeneous Multicore. Click in the links for In-depth project information.

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Karon Davis