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Why Work at Codeplay?

Many reasons! Industry-leading company, travel & much more!

We have worked very hard over the last few years to not only build a successful company but also create a very attractive place to work. We work very closely with universities and research institutions to make sure that we can get the best engineers to join our team. While having a first-class degree is fantastic, we prioritize personal projects; we want to hire people who are self-motivated, able to work on their own, and use their skills to the best of their abilities. If you can build excellent software and have the projects to prove it, then we want to hear from you!

  • Become an Expert

    The work we do is some of the most skilled in the industry. After a few years of working at Codeplay, you will have the skills and experience to be classed as an expert in your field.

    We have created a diverse knowledge sharing system that allows our team to share information, ideas and knowledge to other members of the team that are interested, providing a unique chance to further develop skills.

  • Travel the World

    Working at Codeplay will provide you with the unique opportunity to represent the company worldwide. We regularly travel to America and many European countries to meet clients, set up new partnerships, and share presentations of our technology.

  • Shape the Industry

    Codeplay work alongside some of the biggest companies in the industry. We also sit on a number of standards bodies that define the new standards for future technologies. Working with us, you'll be helping to shape the future of our industry!

Who Are We Looking For?

We need a diverse range of people, united by a passion for the work we do.

  • We are looking for a wide range of qualities in potential applicants. Personal projects are among one of the strongest components of an application, demonstrating a passion for technology outside of academia. We are also looking for passion for solving complex problems as a lot of the work that we do has novel challenges and solutions often require the ability to 'think out-side the box'.

    You will also need to be happy working in small teams and confident enough to discuss ideas with colleagues and present them to our team. We also sometimes need people to be able to manage themselves and work alone on smaller projects.

  • Team

What Could You Be Working On?

We develop a wide range of technologies from compilers and debuggers to programming standards and computer vision libraries.

  • Compilers

    Clang, LLVM, and more

    Development Tools

    Eclipse, Android Studio, CodeXL etc.



  • Developing Standards

    OpenCL™, SYCL™, Vulkan® and HSA

    Develop Our Products

    ComputeSuite™, our compute toolkit

    Work on Research Projects

    Collaborations with leading EU enterprises and academics

Can You Still Apply If..

What if I have special circumstances?

  • I Currently Live Abroad

    Of course! We are happy hiring people from outside the UK and will assist you through a visa application process. You must be happy to re-locate to the UK but we can sometimes allow you to work remotely with occasional visits.

    Click here to read information for EU Candidates

  • I Want to PhD With You

    Great! We regularly have research positions available and love to encourage co-operation with universities and other educational institutions. Check out our currently available positions below for more information!

  • I'm a High School Student

    Unfortunately, the work we do does not allow us to take on high school students for work experience programs. Due to the nature of our work, a lot of our projects and services are under strict non-disclosure agreements.

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Please note – If you are unsure of which position to apply for, then please apply for either the Graduate Software Engineer or C++ Software Engineer position.

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Become an Expert

The work we do is some of the most skilled in the industry. After a few years of working at Codeplay you will have the skills and experience to be classed as an expert in your field.

A continuous career listing is an advert that may run for some months as we are looking for multiple hires for this position.